01 Feb

New Highs In Foreign Currencies Today

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Another down day for the US dollar as investors are flocking towards all major foreign currencies. The Australian dollars hit new contract highs today as well as new highs in the Canadian dollar and the Mexican Peso. The anticipation of QE3 ahead is putting pressure on the dollar because of the fact that are interest rates in the U.S are staying low for 2-3 years longer.

01 Feb

Grains Rally On Dollar Weakness

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The grain market jumped in on the overall bullishness in the stocks and commodities today with soybean futures up 18 cents to close around 12.17 a bushel, if the US Dollar continues to head lower this will put upward pressure on commodities and especially the grain market. Corn futures were higher by 3 cents to close around 6.45 a bushel. Wheat futures for March delivery were higher by 9 cents to close around 6.75 a bushel which is a 12 week high on warm weather concerns in the Midwest. Oat futures were also higher by 7 cents to close around 3.05 a bushel in sympathy with wheat.

01 Feb

Precious Metals Surge On Weak Dollar

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The commodity markets were higher today led once again by the precious metals. Gold futures finished nearly 10 dollars higher to close around 1,750 an ounce. The U.S Dollar was down sharply again versus the major foreign currencies propelling stock and commodity prices even higher. Silver futures were also sharply higher climbing 56 cents to close near 33.85 an ounce. Copper futures remained in its bullish trend rallying 550 points to close around 384.50. Platinum futures were higher by 30 dollars an ounce to close at 1.622.

01 Feb

Commodities Surge To Start The New Year

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Copper, aluminum and other industrial metals that can serve as manufacturing barometers shot up by double digits in percentage terms in January. Precious metals also have climbed sharply, with gold up 11% and silver 19% in 2012. And prices for vital crops are rising, with corn up 10% and wheat 15% since mid-December. I think these gains will continue with interest rates as low as they are means their are few places to put your money to work. Hard assets such as commodities and stocks look very favorable compared to putting your money in  bonds or in the bank.

01 Feb

Commodities & Stocks Up On Bullish Momentum

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The bulls are out early today buying stocks and commodities on the idea that world economies are improving. The grain market has reversed all loses from earlier in the week and wheat has broken out to a 12 week high this morning. Take a look at the lumber chart, it look like it has bottomed and could break out to the upside very soon. In my opinion all commodities and stocks are going higher due to QE3 which is coming this spring.

31 Jan

Wheat Is Breaking Out To The Upside

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Wheat futures have broken above past resistance points  and in my opinion one should be buying the futures contract or option calls.,

31 Jan

Wheat Futures Rally To New 10 Week Highs

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Wheat futures have broken resistence at 6.71 a bushel which means possible re -test of $7.50 a bushel.

31 Jan

Free 1 On 1 Consultation

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If you need help hedging your crops or you want to speculate in the futures and option markets please give me a all at 800-615-7649 and we I will schedule a FREE 1 on 1 consultation that hopefully will help--Mike Seery

31 Jan

API Report Tomorrow at 9:30 AM

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Big API Report tomorrow morning at 9;30 am ct--Also on Friday Monthly Unemployment report at 7;30 am ct

31 Jan

Coffee Prices Re-Testing Contract Lows

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I do not talk about the soft markets very much but they be as profitable as any other commodity , however they are not as liquid as some other markets. Take a look at lumber, sugar, and coffee all to the upside. These commodities are re-testing recent lows and might even go lower, however that is why you place your stop loss below contract lows which will minimize your loss if you are wrong. These markets have come down dramatically in price in the last 4 months and could be bottoming with an improving economy.

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