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21 Mar

Crude Oil Higher;Products Mixed

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 Energy Futures--- Crude oil this morning is slightly higher however the products are lower with unleaded gasoline down 150 points trading at 3.3484 a gallon with the heating lower by 150 points trading at 3.22 a gallon in early trading in New York today.

21 Mar

Soybeans Higher;Corn & Wheat Mixed

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 Grain Futures--- The grain market open mixed this morning with corn futures for the May delivery down another 2 cents for the third consecutive down day trading at 6.46 a bushel on terrific planting progress and outstanding spring weather. Soybean futures which were hammered yesterday are slightly higher by only 6 cents at 13.51 a bushel while wheat futures are only up 3 cents at 6.55 a bushel in early trade in Chicago today.

21 Mar

Gold & Silver Higher Today: Copper Up 300

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 Precious Metal Futures-- The precious metals today are higher in early trading with gold up $11 dollars currently trading at 1,657.8 an ounce with silver higher by almost $.50 cents at 32.29 an ounce in an active trade in New York today. However platinum and Palladium futures are lower today with platinum leading the way down $10 dollars trading at 1,645 an ounce while Palladium is down only two dollars at 695.

20 Mar

Crude Oil & Products Sharply Lower

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Energy Futures--- Crude oil futures plummeted today with the rest of the commodity sectors finishing down nearly $2.50 a barrel to close in the April contract at 105.60 while heating oil also finished down 250 points to close at 3.2367 a gallon in heavy volume in New York.

20 Mar

Where Do I Place My Stop Loss?

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WHEN DO YOU EXIT A TRADE?--The biggest question that I have been asked is when do I exit a winning trade and when do I exit a losing trade?

20 Mar

Grain Prices Sharply Lower!

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 Grain Futures-- The grain futures this morning are expected the open sharply lower with soybeans down about $.15 cents to trade at 13.53 a bushel also pushing corn lower by another 9 cents after finishing lower by $.10 cents yesterday and currently trading around 6.55 a bushel due to rapid spring planting which is way ahead of schedule because of the warm and dry weather.

19 Mar

S&P 500 & Nasdaq Hit New Contract Highs

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 Stock Futures-- The S&P 500 futures contract for June closed to another yearly high today closing at 1404.50 which also was a new fresh contract high while the NASDAQ continues its amazing run up over 18% for the year and we are still only in March climbing another 19 points in the June futures contract to settle at 2727.75 continuing its bullish momentum.

19 Mar

Cattle & Hogs Prices Hit 3 Month Lows

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Meat Futures--- Live cattle for the April delivery today traded slightly lower finishing down only 15 points to close at 125.15 a pound and flirting with the 12 week low which happened on January 9th at 124.15 and if cattle prices break that level your possibly looking to go down to the contract low of 121.10 a pound.

19 Mar

Cotton Higher By 160 Points Today

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 Cotton Futures--- Cotton futures for the May delivery shot 160 points today with investors buying throughout the trading session to close at 89.10 a bale in an active trade in New York today.

19 Mar

Sugar Prices Near 5 Month Highs

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 Sugar Futures--- Sugar futures were up 27 points to close at 25.66 bumping right at five month highs in heavy volume in New York today. Three weeks ago sugar futures for the May delivery traded as high as 25.87 and after today's 30 point rally is now only 21 points from breaking to new five month highs and after that the next resistance is 26.50 and remember last year sugar prices were in the low 30’s at one point.

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